Milan, Italian Milano, city, capital of Milano province (provincia) and of the region (regione) of Lombardy (Lombardia), northern Italy. It is the leading financial centre and the most prosperous manufacturing and commercial city of Italy.
The destiny of Milan, like that of many of the world’s great cities, remains something of a historical paradox. There are powerful factors supporting the argument that Milan should have become the capital of a unified Italy, and this is the belief of many Milanese, in spite of the fact that the unity of Italy was actually born in Turin, rather than in Milan, in 1870.


Okay, one could write an entire encyclopedia on restaurants in Milan so I had to make some tough choices and choose (maybe I should do a complete list/database of amazing restaurants I tried? Let us know what you think!). 

If you wish to have one of the best brunches in the city, head to EL BELLIN for classic Milanese dishes. I kept getting recommended to eat the risotto alla Milanese and it did not disappoint! This dish is best eaten as an accompaniment to another classic Milanese dish: ossobuco. 

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