Geneva! I feel like Geneva is a bit overlooked. Is it because of its size? Are they taking being neutral a little too seriously? I believe it’s more about the company that you keep and making sure you make the most out of any situation. Sure, Geneva is no London or Tokyo, but it is a great little spot to completely relax and focus more on healing and comfort

The best hotels

White, crispy hotel linens are one of my favorite things ever and at Hotel de la Paix they do not disappoint, ever. Want to get a date real excited? Book a room at the Ritz. The beauty and comfort of this hotel always satisfy! Oh! And the view. Duh.

Another option that I often opt for is to go with serviced apartments instead of hotels. The comfort of a home without any real responsibilities, haha. The Hamlet has very comfortable and absolutely stunning options. I definitely wouldn’t mind calling it home for a little while. 

The Four Seasons is another favorite. Especially if you want to book something more romantic! It’s hard not to get into the mood when gazing out your balcony that has a direct view of Lake Geneva as it is placed directly at the shores. I don’t know what it is, but there’s something old school about this hotel which I love. 


Contemporary Art Centre 

The Photography Centre 


We’re located in the Quartier des Bains, Geneva’s very own Soho. What should we do first? Maybe we can start with Mamco? An innovative museum of contemporary art.

Or maybe we can go to the Contemporary Art Centre to check out the latest upcoming and established artists - they have no permanent collection! Always curious to see ever-changing exhibitions where the curated art is a broad mix of design, drawing, photography, sculpture, architecture, and more!

I may be a stranger to you now, I am destined soon to become your favorite girl.



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