Brussels is not only the capital of Belgium but also of the European Union. Home to people of 180 nationalities, it is an eclectic melting pot of cultures—the ideal place for a date with an international escort.

Why not meet up at the Brussels Grand Place? To start your date in one of the most beautiful plazas in the world, a 15-minute walk will lead you to Mont des Arts, where you and your elite escort can enjoy the most beautiful view of Brussels. Which is especially beautiful when the sun is setting for the night.

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After your dinner, you might want to take your date in a more intimate direction. Brussels offers a wide range of hotels where you can enjoy each other’s company for the rest of the night. Going from iconic places like the elegant Steigenberger Wiltcher’s to more contemporary design hotels such as Vintage Hotel, which has an exclusive wine bar where you and your luxury escort can enjoy the best wines from all over the world. If you want to explore the city with your high-end escort then The Dominican, with its central location would be an excellent choice.

No matter where you will spend the night, we guarantee that it will be a night you will never forget.

I may be a stranger to you now, I am destined soon to become your favorite girl.



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